About Me:

I am a Senior Software Engineering Student who loves game design and making things work. I've been using game maker since I was 11, and have since made games in UDK, Javascript, PHP, Twilio (programmable phone lines), and on every graphing calculator I've owned. I've worked on several software projects both in and out of school, including a Fetal Gestational age calculator for an Austin local fetal heart clinic. I worked as a programmer on a student-led 3D brawler game called Harlequin Noir. Currently, I am creative director on my own student-run game development project, The White Cane.

This navigation grid was made by me, and you can see a few of the things I've done by clicking the links on the left. If you'd like a copy of the code, you can download it here.
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Contact Info:
2200 Waterview Pkwy Apt 1833
Richardson, TX, 75080

(512) 332.6197

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