The White Cane on Animal New York

We got interviewed!

An awesome writer by the name of Mike Rougeau is currently doing a series for Animal New York on up-and-coming indie games, and recently wrote an article on The White Cane. If you get a chance, go read his whole series- they’re all from the developer’s point of view, and provide some really cool insights into working on small games. Go check them out!

The White Cane’s Article:

Mike’s whole series:

Thanks Mike!


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Happy Halloween!

I promise that’s not the only reason I’m making a post!

Today was the submission date for the Student version of the IGF 2014 competition, which we also submitted to (because why not?). Since we had a couple of weeks of extra time, we did some bugfixing and tweaking, and the result is a little bit cleaner than the IGF version (the hallway is much easier now).

As always, grab it on the downloads page.


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Just a Video

Just a video of our IGF build gameplay:

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