It’s been a while

We have completely redone this game.

So here’s the rundown: we finished last semester with a team of about ten people and a playable game. After that, eight of our ten people graduated. Since our game was class-based, there wasn’t much incentive for most to keep working on it, save for four people: Zach Barnes, Daniel Havens, myself, and a new student named Chris Miller. We also ended with, well, what you can download as our “Game Lab” build. It’s pretty shoddy. There’s a lot of bugs (a ten year old kid broke the game within five minutes of our booth opening), the art and style is everywhere, the puzzles are confusing, and it didn’t actually end (whoops).

Over the course of the summer, we decided our game needed some serious rethinking, and concluded to overhaul everything. Daniel has redone our art entirely in a consistent(ly awesome) style, Zach unified all of our individual stages into one big seamless hub, and I wrote a pretty camera script to bring it all together. We’ve done way more play testing this time around, and have made sure everything is not only beatable and understandable, but fun. And scary. We worked a lot on scary.

We’ve compiled our new version, and have put it up for everyone to play. We’ve also submitted it to the 2014 IGF and IGF Student competitions, and are exited to see what happens. As always, the download can be found here.


We definitely plan on continuing this into December, so expect more up here. After that though, things might get a bit tricky. This is still a college project, and people will be moving around. I personally, will hang on to it and continue to work on it, but without other people it might not get too far.

We’re also currently considering a Kickstarter campaign, especially if we can gain some recognition at IGF. It’s going to be interesting either way, but we all definitely want to see this get off the ground, so anything is possible.

As always, thanks for playing, and please give us feedback below!


Download game here!

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 Announcements, Development

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