About TWC

Why hello there,

Welcome to the official site of av in-progress game project titled “The White Cane”.

It is a semester-long student-run project hosted at the University of Texas at Dallas, directed by Evan Kice, with a team of ten students. The game is projected to be finished by late April.

If you’d like to look at our progress, make your way over to the Downloads page.

Be sure to leave feedback if you play!


An Overview

The White Cane puts players in the shoes of Cieco; our confused, and sometimes senile, protagonist. Cieco is trapped in a pitch black environment, with nothing but his remaining senses to guide his way through this unknowable world. White Cane is a 3rd person adventure and exploration game that forces players to use the senses that the game provides to solve puzzles and explore their surroundings.

By forcing players to explore in total darkness, each step forward is a new discovery. Players uncover their surroundings by walking and bumping into objects. Objects will remain visible while they are being touched by the player, but will fade out of frame when Cieco is no longer in their proximity. Players will be forced to play a game of advanced “Memory” to traverse the 3d surroundings in sometimes unsettling situations.